Top Predictions for NYC’s Luxury Jewelry Market in 2022

It’s rather hard to make any predictions in 2022, as year after year we get new surprises, every one of which is more shocking than the previous. But bearing hope for the best and our knowledge in the sphere we may rather confidently speak about the trends in NYC’s luxury jewelry for 2022.

There is no doubt that gold and precious stones, especially diamonds, will be the top trend of the year. High-end jewelry made of these materials is always stylish and, in addition to that, becomes a perfect investment. Remember, gold never tarnishes, and diamonds never fade.

A great number of fashion collections of 2022 by prominent fashion houses demonstrate that gold is definitely here to stay. Every single item of jewelry we know and love can be found in gold: earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings, anklets, and even body chains. And one of the main general trends in jewelry 2022 is quantity. This year minimalism is not welcome, neither in quantity nor in size. Layers of necklaces, hands covered in bracelets, and fingers covered with rings. And every item is visible from afar, displaying luxury and glamour. I guess it’s about time to go to the gym in order to be able to handle all the luxury jewelry this year.

Another notable trend followed by many famous designers is natural stones. And “natural” comes not only for the type of stone but also for its look. The more the stone looks authentic the better. Better if they create the image as though they were just mined and immediately put into jewelry without any processing. And the size of stones is again not among the modest.

Vivid colors are also here to stay for this year. In addition to the status jewelry which should strike with its size, lustrous diamonds, and value, colorful jewelry should catch the eye with the help of its brightness.

Pearls return to high-end jewelry fashion. Not that they were gone anywhere, but this season they deserve more attention.

Let’s take a closer look at the different types of jewelry.


There is nothing fundamentally new in this section of jewelry, as the fashion, this year consists mainly of reviving the last century’s trends, starting with the 60s and ending in the late 90s. The majority of brands make special accents on large gold circular earrings, so we are sure that this year you may confidently opt to get yourself a pair. This luxury accessory is very beneficial, as it often returns into fashion. So, even if they leave the list of trends after 2022, it won’t be long till they make their comeback… Again.

Such fashion houses as Balmain, Yves Saint Laurent, and Giambattista Valli often finished their looks with epic vintage and chandelier earrings containing large stones that looked like hereditary jewelry. So, if you feel like adding some aristocratic vibes into your look, it’s about time. Massive gold and diamonds, or other precious stones will be of great help here.

Animalistic motifs are also back to help us express our wild nature. Fangs, claws, and iced-out animal heads look bold and make loud statements anyone would notice.

Fringe, especially made of chain links, can compete by popularity this year only with the large hoops. Such earrings look like a breath of fresh air after the long reign of minimalistic studs. Dancing movements, they perform repeating the motions of the wearer, hypnotizing with elegance and grace.

Structural earrings, displaying geometrical shapes remain popular among the fans of laconic concepts, but even those types of jewelry won’t look minimalistic this year. The frames of triangles and rectangles tend to be large, just like hoops.

On the streets of New York, the trend of wearing mismatched earrings or mono earrings will continue to please the creative natures. They look edgy and bold while adding effortless vibes. Perfect luxury jewelry to make a statement.


Observing trends on the podiums, fashion on the streets in the heart of NYC, and online purchases, ItsHot is sure that gold chains will remain popular even long after 2022. Gaining popularity slowly but steadily over decades, chains have made it into a classic necklaces. But this year they’re the star of the show!

Almost every fashion house included chain accessories in their collections featuring necklaces, earrings, bracelets, purses, belts, and even tops in the shape of chain links as by Balmain. This year you may put a chain, or better a few, on every part of the body or clothes to nail the trend.

Short massive chain chokers can be worn solo, with heavy pendants, or paired with another longer necklace. Long delicate chains may be completed by a weighty pendant or a logo. But as we already mentioned, the more, the better, so the absolute favorite for this year is layers. Combine all types and styles, widths, lengths, and colors of gold to create the perfect textured look.

Hefty natural stones on your neck will draw gazes, attention and questions, as often they are a part of deep symbolism. So, if you’re willing to get some additional luck, draw money or find true love, make sure that the stone you chose is large enough to guarantee success.

Pearls return in 2022 to water down all the craziness with some elegance. The pearl necklaces are good for day looks and with office outfits.

Jewelry sets are not an overall trend but deserve attention this year. They are slowly making their comeback. A luxury set is not necessarily always worn together, but it saves you time and effort in search of jewelry that will definitely match. So, if your budget allows, get yourself a good gold or diamond set as we predict they will soon invade the NYC fashion.


If you like bracelets, make them double, as this year the distinctive feature of wearing them is identical large pieces on both hands. Chanel, for example, paired classic pearl bracelets, other designers combined metal and plastic, went for massive colorful ones, or chose leather. Massive gold bangles and chain bracelets also went in pairs, decorating both wrists.

Multiple massive gold bracelets are highly popular as well. Layers may even reach the elbow and will look more than trendy this year.

But the best part of the jewelry of 2022 is the bracelets for the upper arm. Intricate massive luxury items worn on the upper arm will make you feel like a Greek goddess.


Bulky high-end gold rings this year should be worn on every finger possible, some designers even recommend putting several large rings on the same finger. Diamonds will add shine and other precious stones will draw attention to your every movement with the help of bright colors. Opting for the look with multiple rings, you may opt for different items or make them match in style. Such a unique piece as Cartier Parhelia, containing sapphire, diamonds, and emeralds, covers three fingers at once, suggesting an exciting option of removing the main motif of the ring, and transforming it into a brooch.

A lot of famous designers support the trend of multiple rings and we are sure that NYC’s jewelry stores will eagerly agree, while the ladies would only be happy to show the best rings they’ve got as long as they have enough fingers.

To sum it up, 2022 is the best year for experiments with luxury jewelry, as it becomes not only the trend in beauty but also a good investment.

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