Graphic Design Trends that Will Shape 2021

The industry of graphic design is a highly volatile field. If once, skeuomorphism and digital projection of real-life objects were at the top, today, these concepts have sunk into the distant past. However, in the ashes of old trends, new styles, approaches, and meanings arise.

Taking into account the fact that in the era of digitalization, everyone (including amateurs) has access to special professional tools and can use different software, starting with a free background remover and ending with a complex graphic editor, the industry of design isn’t limited by professionals only. Hence, in this decade, we are about to witness thousands of discoveries.

Actually, so far, 2021 has only been proving this idea, and we are sure it is going to be an extremely prolific year for the whole market. While the design scene has been mainly intensified during the last 365 days by issues and problems that have been revealed, not all novelties are connected to our everyday life, and many new ideas came up thanks to the recourse to retro, comics culture, and abstract genres of art.

Focus on Environmental Concerns

The popularity of the idea that we need to take care of our planet has been with us for a pretty long time now. However, it has never been quoted as much as today. Marketers, of course, understand the concerns that are growing in society’s consciousness. They also use them to promote the products and services of their businesses. This tendency is directly interconnected with the layouts we see on websites, posters, and pieces of packaging nowadays.

Organic and nature-based designs are here to stay with us not only during 2021 but for the nearest couple of years too.

Unity, Positivity, and Faith in the Bright Future

Build bridges, not walls. The motto we all need right now.

After being separated so much for the first time in history, people all over the globe desperately strive for connection and reunion. As we have managed to move forward after a series of troubles, brands will keep motivating us to think about good stuff only.

There is no doubt that the graphic design industry will mirror the accomplishments we, as a global community, have achieved. Prepare yourself to see lots of reminders about these challenges along with inspirations aimed at encouraging people to reach more not just for themselves but for those in need too.

The stories that we are about to see will include humanistic and life-affirming motives accompanied by saturated colors.

A Deeper Dive into Fictional Worlds

One of the major purposes of animations, illustrations, and drawings that artists create is about reflecting public worries. Though, the goal, very often, is exactly the opposite — escape from reality.

When such objectives are pursued, messages and ideas are delivered through cartoons and comics characters or even worlds. Today, it is completely relevant in our busy world as the best option to leave your concerns behind is diving into an absolutely unrealistic universe.

Prepare yourself for seeing heroes from animated movies and anime series displayed in mobile (or desktop) apps, on billboards, on food delivery packages, or even on cans of your favorite beverages.

Destruction of Social Inequality Concepts

Fighting different kinds of discrimination for decades now, designers and creative figures will keep implementing the ideas of equality, tolerance, and kindness.

The concept of acceptance isn’t something out-of-this-world anymore as there are lots of exhibitions and shows promoting these ideas. However, you should expect designers to integrate the corresponding mindset in projects oriented toward a rather wider audience.

Moreover, professionals originated from various communities will speak out not only on behalf of their own people but also express solidarity referring to global social injustice and inequality.

Redefining the Terms of Normality

There is a growing trend aimed at establishing new standards for the term “normal,” which is striving to push the boundaries of modern society even further. It is a lot about perceiving content in the way art is being perceived — subjectively.

This new wave is about breaking norms and rules of graphic design using strange, not always preferable styles, and, also, it is a lot more about real, regular people and less about movie characters.

From a rational point of view, it is a great chance for the industry to start fresh discussions about principles that were established in the past. Additionally, this movement is going to increase the competition and diversity within the market, which makes it beneficial for both creators and consumers.


At this point, it would be logical from your side to suggest that we are about to see a broader spectrum of design concepts in 2021 and the upcoming years. To be honest, making a summary like this is more than reasonable. Anyway, we are all tremendously lucky to live in an era when variety is reaching such unprecedented scales.

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