Unplug and Go! The 7 Best US Cities for Remote Workers

There are many reasons why people choose remote work. You can live in a place that you love, while still working for an employer from anywhere around the country. The best part is that you don’t need to worry about commuting or having a 9-5 job! Additionally, remote work provides an added layer of protection from the coronavirus because it limits the number of people you have to interact with during your work day. In this blog post, we will talk about 7 US cities that are perfect for remote workers and what makes them great places to work from home.

Jacksonville, Florida

Jacksonville, Florida is a great place to telecommute because of the low cost of living. In Jacksonville you can rent an apartment for just $960 per month! Outside of high-cost cities like New York or San Francisco, this is one of the best places in which to focus on your remote work career.

The weather also makes Jacksonville a top choice for remote workers in the United States. Jacksonville has a humid subtropical climate, so you can be outside year-round without suffering through harsh winters or summer heat waves. If this opportunity speaks to you, contact our Jacksonville moving company, Suddath today for more information.

Denver, Colorado

Denver is another great city for remote workers, especially ones who love to work outdoors. It is home to many of the country’s top tech companies, so it has a flourishing remote work scene.

Denver also boasts one of America’s most favorable climates with 300 days of sunshine per year and mild winters. Home to approximately 700 miles’ worth of biking trails for every skill level, Denver offers plenty of opportunities for those who love cycling as a form of transportation or exercise.

It’s easy for someone living in Colorado to stay connected on the weekends too thanks to outdoor events like music festivals that take place throughout much of summertime and winter activities such as skiing at places like Echo Mtn during the winter months.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Another great US city if your top priority when telecommuting is affordability: Minneapolis residents say their biggest complaint about the area isn’t its cold weather but rather high taxes.

Nashville, Tennessee

In Nashville the cost of living is low and opportunities for outdoor recreation abound. In fact, if you’re a music lover there’s no better place to work remotely than in Music City. The city is home to some of the world’s best music and has been recognized as one of the happiest cities in America on more than one occasion.

With a low cost of living, great restaurants, excellent healthcare options, and plenty going on year-round, it truly is an ideal place for those looking to work from home or telecommute.

Atlanta, Georgia

If you want the convenience of working from home, then Atlanta might be perfect for you as the city has a very tech-friendly culture with plenty of high-tech jobs available.

The cost of living is not exactly cheap here, however, and housing can be hard to find if you’re looking outside the metropolitan area. That being said, there’s a large population of about six million, so you’re likely to find someone who shares your interests.

When you do want to go out on the town, the city has a great transit system and it’s very walkable if that’s important to you (think: the best coffee shops). As for entertainment? You’ll have plenty from Atlanta Justice Center, Centennial Olympic Park, or even one of more than 300 shopping centers in this Southern state.

And when not at work, enjoy some mountain biking on Stone Mountain State Park trails; there are also four golf courses nearby – including one designed by Tiger Woods himself.

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Tulsa Remote is a one-year program for remote workers who move to and work from Tulsa. It offers a $10,000 grant and additional benefits to eligible applicants. The program launched in 2016 and has seen growth every year, with the number of remote workers moving to Tulsa increasing by 28% each year.

The city also offers a variety of living options – from suburban communities to urban neighborhoods close to downtown – all within reach for telecommuters. With an average commute time that’s less than 15 minutes, you’ll get around easy while enjoying beautiful weather the whole year round. It’s no wonder this Oklahoma gem is one of our favorite cities for remote work!

Waco, Texas

Due in part to its central location and affordable housing prices Waco has become one of America’s fastest growing cities with remote workers leading the way as innovators who are taking advantage of everything it has going on without ever having to leave town. In fact, the only thing you won’t be able to find here is high unemployment rates (currently near five percent).


There are many great cities in the US that offer remote workers a chance to thrive. Among them, there is always something unique and exciting happening no matter what time of year it may be. And while every city has its pros and cons, we believe these seven best cities for remote work can’t be beat!

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