What Can Help Players Level Up Their World Of Warcraft Game

World of Warcraft is famous for a large number of interesting game mechanics of various game directions.

For PVE fans, there is an opportunity to farm monsters and resources, kill bosses and get equipment, fish and master dragon flying.

Those who prefer PVP can find them in the hunting zones by choosing one of the two opposing factions – Horde or Alliance.

What sites and services will help a beginner to master World OF Warcraft Dragonflight:

  • Skycoach
  • Wowhead
  • WoW Wiki Fandom


Skycoach is a service that helps gamers master game content with the help or guidance of professional gamers. You will be able to purchase in-game gold, get boosting, coaching, and help in completing raids.

Buying gold

You can purchase in-game gold in any amount from professional Skycoach players. The transfer of the order will be carried out in compliance with masking measures so that the game administration does not even have a formal reason to impose game sanctions.

Gold is useful for buying epic or legendary equipment and weapons, crafting materials, potions and potions, and paying for the services of other players.


The boosting service will help you quickly get the desired game level – 60 or 70 thanks to the help of a professional Skycoach player.

A high level will help you quickly move on to the most interesting part of the content, bypassing the stages of farming and development to build up your character.


The coaching service will help you understand all the main game mechanics with the help of a professional Skycoach player. The trainer will teach you farming skills, understanding the game meta, PVP behavior.

Raid carry

Raids play an important role in farming the best gear and weapons in World of Warcraft. To pass, you will need to form a battle group, which is not always guaranteed to win, but even if you win, you will need to share the booty among all.

Professional Skycoach players will take you into their group in order to guarantee the passage of a raid of any complexity, including mythical and mythical plus, where the player will get the entire reward.


Wowhead will be useful to all beginners as a source of verified information and guides for every game class and aspect.

When you start playing and choose your character, you can already find a ready-made guide that will not only simplify the initial leveling, but also guide you through all the basic mechanics, based on the experience of other players, and gradually teach the player everything.

The guide will give information about farming and quests that must be completed. The type of armor and weapons that will be the most effective for your class, will help you choose jewelry and point out consumables that you should always have with you.

Gradually, you will come to the system of professions, which received a new life in the Dragonflight update.

Professions will help the player independently provide his character with good equipment for a comfortable game, farming and PVP.

To start earning gold with the help of professions, a guide to collecting materials will help you.

There are many deposits of ore, flowers and herbs scattered around the world of WoW, and many animals roam. Each of these game fragments can be mined, collected and used in future crafting, or sold to other artisans to earn gold.

Read about the options for developing your class, as the general attribute that can be developed is selected first. For example, the dexterity class, which will later become an archer, or a master of beasts.

Similar professions with different mechanics, either to destroy opponents on your own, or with the help of tamed animals.

Beast Mastery is an original class that can farm on its own, without a combat group, and in the raid they are always welcome guests, because of the creatures that deal heavy damage and can withstand the attack of strong opponents.

The archer is more of a group class and is a direct counter to enemy mages. It has a long attack range, exceptional physical damage, and the ability to maneuver between attack and retreat.

WoW Wiki Fandom

WoW Wiki Fandom is worth reading for anyone who is interested in finding reliable information about all the main game items, weapons, jewelry, equipment and tools, NPCs and quests, professions and new content.

Read about the NPC before taking the quest from him. You will see a brief description, historical significance and role in the world of Azeroth and all the tasks that are associated with it.

After reviewing the list of potential tasks with the NPC, you can track the overall chain of tasks, the complexity and duration of their implementation, view all the rewards that you can receive and decide whether to contact this NPC or not.

If the task is related to the plot and is mandatory, then look for a description and opportunities to complete it with minimal time and resources.

Read about the weapons and equipment you are going to receive.

If you are going to take the test of the Tower of Mages, you can get equipment for your class with 720 power level and view all the characteristics before proceeding with the test itself.

Informing will help you avoid useless pieces of content that don’t give the character a noticeable buff for the time spent.

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