Unlocking the benefits of Oracle Cloud Migration

To leverage innovative technologies such as AI and IoT as well as to lower down operating costs, improve time to market, enhance flexibility, increase scalability and better collaboration, enterprises across different geographies are embracing Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). The cloud infrastructure from Oracle has become a hot-pick of enterprises that use custom applications to support business functions like manufacturing, supply chain or customer-facing apps. The main reason for this is that these custom database applications can be easily migrated to OCI with minimum re-architecture, re-integration or business process changes.

Apart from this, there are numerous benefits of Oracle Cloud Migration. In this article, we’ll discuss why enterprises should migrate to Oracle cloud and how it will help them in terms of security, regulatory compliance, scalability, and cost savings.

  • Next-generation Cloud


Oracle’s cloud infrastructure is based on the solid foundation of first-generation cloud infrastructure to handle the most complex and most demanding workloads. It is an intelligent & self-governing solution that delivers high computation and network performance leveraging the latest generation of hardware. One most promising feature is real-time scalability for enterprise applications workload that comes from Oracle’s autonomous services and integrated security.

  • Autonomous Operations

With Oracle Cloud, enterprises can gain new efficiencies to manage data with better performance, security and at low costs. On Oracle cloud infrastructure, tasks such as provision, configuration, tuning, scaling, encryption of databases, and patching can be done autonomously while the workload can be optimized for transaction processing and data warehousing and business intelligence. With Oracle cloud, enterprises don’t have to rely on manual tasks for operational efficiency.

  • Exceptional Performance

Oracle offers powerful CPU options along with massive memory capabilities and storage, enabling enterprises to run database apps that can cater to huge transactions and require high level performance. With Oracle cloud, enterprises can run traditional as well as native cloud apps with reduced operational overhead.

  • Agility

Agility is all about responding quickly to changing market needs. With Oracle cloud, enterprises get scalable infrastructure to support their changing business requirements. Businesses can create and utilize innovative agility that keep pace with rapidly changing market scenarios. Enterprises can leverage new-age technologies like IoT, AI, ML, & Business Intelligence to create apps and quickly deploy and scale them. To support new apps, processes, & data capabilities, enterprises can easily add virtual servers on demand.

  • Enhanced Security

With data being considered as a new oil, its security has become a paramount aim. In case of  data breach, the penalties are severe. Oracle covers everything including network architecture and design with data security being the top priority that comes with multifarious regulations including HIPAA, PCI DSS, ISO, and SOC.


Enterprises that want to stay ahead in the game need to embrace new technologies including cloud computing. With Oracle cloud, enterprises can get robust features like reduced costs, high performance along with scalability, flexibility, and real-time access. With Oracle, enterprises get host of tools and infrastructure support systems to ease the migration journey.

Though the benefits of Oracle cloud are numerous, enterprises that are looking to embrace it need to embrace test focus Oracle cloud migration strategy. It will help in reducing any disruption to your business or downtime.

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