7 Underrated Racing Titles You Might’ve Missed for the PlayStation

When we talk about racing games, the ones that always pop right out of our minds are the Need for Speed and F1 titles. While these are all great games, we do feel for some underrated racing gems that flew under the radar.

These racing games might not be as insanely popular as the mainstream racing titles but they nevertheless delivered in terms of quality and excitement. So for today, we’ll be taking a look at 7 underrated racing games that you should be playing on your PlayStation console.

1. Driveclub Bikes

Driveclub Bikes

Racing games are often associated with cars, so let us begin the list by showing some love for motorbike racing. And if you are looking for one, we strongly suggest giving Driveclub Bikes a try. It’s realistic, and immersive, and hosts some of the best superbikes in the world.

Another thing to love about Driveclub Bikes is its customization features. For instance, players can personalize their bikes when it comes to aesthetics and racing leathers. This way, the game makes you feel as if you own the bike yourself with your own identity.

Plus, when it comes to gameplay, there are several modes you can try out. The modes include Time Trials, Races, Championships, and Skill Challenges. Just enough modes to give you the true satisfaction of a virtual biker.

2. Burnout Dominator

Burnout Dominator

Burnout Dominator isn’t exactly fair racing. This is because it brings in the fun by having you “dominate” your opponent by crashing them. It’s pretty nonsensical but as a game, it’s a truckload of fun.

In other words, Burnout Dominator bears resemblance to the iconic Need for Speed series but adds a lot more fantasy elements to it. It takes street racing to a whole new dimension and if you are not someone who plays by the rules, this is the racing game for you.

Similar to Driveclub Bikes, Burnout Dominator has its fair share of modes for its players to explore. While it has the usual race-to-finish mode, there are other modes like Drift Challenge and Burnout Challenge to spice up the gameplay even further.

Assert Corsa isn’t exactly an unknown entry to the racing genre but when compared with titles from the F1 series, you could say it is pretty underrated. This game is almost the total opposite of Burnout Dominator as it treats racing simulation as realistic as possible.

When we talk about realism, we’re not just saying the gorgeous visuals but also the physics behind the gameplay. Every driving mechanic is made as detailed as possible and is simulated to reflect an actual driving experience, more so than a virtual one.

As such, if you are looking for the closest thing to a racing experience, there are very few titles that can compete with the likes of Asserto Corsa. It’s truly designed for racing and car enthusiasts.

4. Midnight Club 2

Midnight Club 2

Rockstar Games is a studio that is best known for its GTA titles. Little did we know that the said studio also has a great share of underrated games under its belt and Midnight Club 2 is one of them.

The game works in an open-world environment and is thus not limited within the confines of race tracks and specific modes. Don’t get us wrong, the game’s core is still about street racing, only in Midnight Club 2, will you get to also venture around the city’s nightlife.

Additionally, Midnight Club 2 also boasts some of the best music. Its eccentric taste in music choice to include the trance and rap genres is very fitting for the game’s environment.

5. Redout


Redout is easily one of the more unique racing titles on this list. It is not exactly a racing game because it uses anti-gravity as a driving mechanism but somehow the concept works really well.

Set in a futuristic universe, Redout’s choice of vehicle is like a hybrid of a spaceship and a car. Like with Driveclub Bikes, players will get to personalize and make edits to their drive. These personalized changes are not just for looks though as you can enhance your specifications with these modifications.

Either way, Redout will still provide the core essential that all racing games must have—speed. This game is super fast-paced and the gameplay is buttery seamless which makes it as though you are actually in the future racing through space.

6. Blur


For its time, Blur has some insane graphics and if we’re being honest, it still looks just as good today. That being said, pretty visuals aren’t all that is going for Blur because when it comes to gameplay, Blur doesn’t fall short compared to many mainstream titles.

If you enjoy Mario Kart, Blur has similar gameplay mechanics where it utilizes power-ups to enhance the racing experience. Though they might not be as colorful as Nintendo’s masterpiece, Blur’s aesthetic is more adult-centric and is more grounded in reality.

The street view and tracks have striking similarities to the Need for Speed games but are also unique enough to have their own identity. Ask any racing game addict and they will say that Blur is a game that stands out despite having a rather formulaic premise.

7. TrackMania Turbo

TrackMania Turbo

If the variety of racing tracks matters the most to you in a racing game then TrackMania Turbo is the game for you. With over 200 race tracks to choose from, we are confident that players will not get bored traversing these arenas.

On top of that, TrackMania Turbo is also a perfect multiplayer game for parties. One of the reasons is that it is a split-screen game and supports up to 4 players using a 2 vs 2 methods. Essentially, TrackMania Turbo is a game best played on a weekend afternoon with pizza and drinks.

We also love the idea that the developers made it possible for its players to create their own race tracks in this game where you get to redesign every turn, corner, and slope. If you are creative enough, you can create a very extreme yet goofy race track that you can share with your TrackMania Turbo mates!

And there you have it, we’ve finally made it to the end of the list! Remember, you don’t have to feel left out if you have not played any of the games above! You can actually purchase them for your PlayStation console using the PlayStation Store Gift Cards from OffGamers here!

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