Finding a Tech Job Suitable for an Eager Traveler

If you’re like most other professionals living in today’s world, the thought of packing up and hitting the road has probably crossed your mind. Unfortunately — not all jobs are created equal. While some jobs offer unparalleled flexibility and remote options, other more traditional companies think that it’s in the office for eight hours or on the highway.

Thankfully, as the world has evolved, so has the job landscape. While it was once a rare occasion to find a fully remote tech job, today, the market is abounding with them. Having some guidance around which are the best fits for an aspiring digital nomad can make the process of setting out on your adventure easier and more accessible.

Here is how to find a tech job suitable for an eager traveler.

Look to Your Network

While there are a million and one things you can do to optimize your resume and portfolio, doing so probably won’t come close to the value of a referral. Because — believe it or not — hiring managers and organizational leaders almost always prefer to fill positions by referrals rather than blindly hunting for the right candidate.

If you already work in tech, chances are so do some of your friends. In today’s changing world, many tech companies have made the leap and are letting their employees work fully remotely. Afni, for instance, offers remote positions, including opportunities for customer service representative jobs. This being the case, turning to your network for job opportunities could result in you being able to pack up and live your dream of being a full-time traveler.

Be Proactive in Your Job Search

Whether you’re looking to become a travel nurse or a coder, being proactive about landing a new job is crucial. If you get complacent and keep putting off your search, you’ll likely keep finding excuses to stay in your current professional role that doesn’t allow you to travel.

While referrals may be ideal, the timing doesn’t always work out. When this happens, it’s time to scour job boards, message hiring managers, and set alerts for certain roles. The more effort, time, and energy you put into getting that remote role that allows you to travel, the more chances you have of living your vagabonding dream life.

Search for Asynchronous Roles

While it may be tempting to throw yourself into the digital nomad life while keeping a remote nine-to-five, in reality, this could quickly turn into a disaster. One of the key benefits of being a digital nomad is having the mobility to travel wherever you want whenever you want. With a set nine-to-five schedule in your home country, this could mean having to pull all-nighters five nights a week.

Fortunately, today’s tech landscape is ripe with asynchronous opportunities that allow you to choose your own hours. This flexibility ensures that you’ll be able to travel wherever your heart desires while worrying less about time zones and worrying more about having a grand old time.

Some key tech roles that typically offer flexible schedules include computer science-related roles such as software engineering and web design. As such, keeping your eye out for open roles in these fields could mean that you could soon be heading out the door for your endless summer.

Level with Your Employer

Though it can be tempting to keep your digital nomadic proclivities to yourself, lying to your employer could have dire consequences. In particular, having your boss find out that you lied to them while traveling could mean that you’re out of a job while in the middle of an adventure in a Siberian mountain town.

To avoid the risk of this happening, it’s vital to be upfront with your boss about being a digital nomad. In fact, you may even find that your company is willing to cut you a little slack and be accommodating to your lifestyle. However, even if this isn’t the case, being deceitful to your company could leave you stranded without a plane ticket home.

There are Tech Roles Out There That Can Allow You to Live Your Dreams

Even though it may seem like a daunting undertaking, living the life of a digital nomad is well within your reach. In fact, there are scores of tech roles out there that are conducive for wander lust-stricken travelers like yourself. By being smart about finding a tech role that’s conducive to your dream lifestyle, you can change your reality and jet set to all of the locations you’ve always wanted to see.

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