8 Benefits of Investing in Flexible LED Screens for Your Business

Indoor digital signage offers various businesses a variety of benefits that are too good to pass up.

Properly designed digital signs with well-thought-out content can influence your customers’ buying behavior inside a store. With consumers aware of ongoing promotions, upcoming sales, or how they can benefit from your products, you can experience a significant increase in your sales.

Additionally, digital signs can help you leverage your customers’ waiting times. You can use the displays to share valuable information about your products or interesting facts about your brand.

These pieces of content can keep your customers entertained and their attention away from their queuing time, giving them a better experience while they are on your premises.

Lastly, indoor LED displays also make your company and premises look more professional. They work as digital ambassadors for your business that share your content. They also convey your interest in using the latest technology to give everyone that visits your business premises a better customer experience.

Reasons to Install Flexible LED Screens Within Your Business Premises

LED screens used for digital signage come in different forms. However, flexible LED screens are becoming a popular option since these stand out from the other types of signage and offer plenty of advantages.

As its name implies, a flexible LED screen is less hard and can be bent within a certain range without affecting the display.

Regular LED displays, on the other hand, are rigid and not bendable.

Since flexible LED screens can be bent, they can be formed into different shapes, such as spherical, triangular, cylindrical, and rhombic. This type of LED screen can also be spliced, which means you can create any shape without seeing gaps in the LED mesh.

These features of flexible LED screens allow business owners to take advantage of these benefits:

Ease of Customization

Cabinet or regular LED screens do not fit in all kinds of spaces.

As mentioned, flexible LED screens come with features that allow them to be customized to meet your specific needs.

With flexible LED screens, you can install signs in geometrical figures or those with curved sides. These can also be mounted on or be used to cover columns and other features with circular or elliptical shapes, turning them into additional functional and eye-catching fixtures.

Additionally, they can be installed in various ways, such as hanging or as an embedded installation.

Because of this feature of flexible LED screens, you can fit them into any space and adapt them for various applications.

Better Resolution

Flexible LED screens for digital signs have a higher resolution. As such, they offer better-quality, clearer images at the right brightness, with a more distinct contrast. They also provide improved color uniformity and black levels.

The enhanced picture quality makes having flexible LED screens a smart move for your business when you need to improve your brand’s visual identity.

Lighter Screens

Another benefit of flexible LED screens is that they are lighter in weight, especially when compared with regular ones.

Since this type of screen is compact, slim, and flexible, they are often 20 percent lighter than regular ones.

But even if they are lightweight, they still have plenty of features that make them versatile and reliable technological pieces for any business.

Reduced Power Consumption

Flexible LED screens are designed and manufactured to save more energy.

Moreover, since they have a high vibrancy capacity, they do not need to use their maximum brightness ability to perform well.

Because of these reasons, they do not consume a lot of energy.

Also, the average power consumption of flexible LED screens and general maximum power consumption is lower. This translates to reduced power consumption and better energy utilization.

This reduced power consumption feature can help you save money on your electricity bills, especially if you want to have several digital signs inside your premises.

Fewer Cables

Since flexible LED screens are slim and compact, they come with fewer wires or cables.

Because of this, you won’t have to worry about numerous tangled power connections and cables behind the screen. Even with fewer cables and wires, you will still be able to connect different devices to the screen.

Electrical devices that have fewer cables and wires also result in less power usage, which translates to lower monthly electric bills.

Ability to Support Several Devices

Even with a few cables or wires, flexible LED screens can still support different types of devices.

These include interface or connection boxes, PCs, and cameras.

Because of this, you can still connect various devices to regulate and control your content on the screens.

Long-lasting and Durable

Some LED screens are plastic and metal-based. If you choose a display made of these materials, you can expect them to last for years.

Additionally, you won’t have to worry about glass breakage since plastic and metal-based displays are impact-resistant.

As a result, you will have safer displays that can serve as wonderful features in your premises for years.


Aside from helping you save money on electricity bills, flexible LED screens are low maintenance.

LED displays are not easily damaged since they have industrial-quality parts, so they can run for days. Moreover, keeping the screens clean is relatively easy. You only need to wipe them regularly with a microfiber cloth.

Getting the Most From Your Flexible LED Screen Digital Signage

Flexible LED signage is a huge investment. Selecting the right provider of this solution is, therefore, important.

Check the background of your shortlisted providers and find out if they have an impeccable reputation. They should have great reviews and recommendations from their customers.

If possible, visit the businesses where they installed their products to check the quality of the screens and the workmanship.

When you are ready to choose a provider, make sure they specialize in installing flexible LED screens. Find out how many years they have been providing this service and the background of the staff who will install the signage and assist you throughout the process.

Also, get details about the software you will use for the digital signage. It should be easy to use and operate. If you can request a demo, do so to see and know firsthand how easy or hard it is to use the platform.

Lastly, look into the after-sales support you will get from the provider. The one you should work with should be accessible 24/7 and provide you prompt service and assistance whenever you need them.

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