Furniture With Gadgets That Can Enliven Your Comfort Level

We try to make our home as free and comfortable as possible, and the multifunctionality of the environment has already gone beyond the trend and has become a cult for a modern person. In creating such an interior that combines practicality and comfort, transforming furniture helps a lot, when one element can act in different roles, changing functions depending on the situation. If you prefer a more traditional approach, then luxury living room sets can be a perfect solution for you. But if you are looking for innovative solutions then we present to you a few examples of furniture with gadgets digitogy

Let’s start with the most impressive example – The smart table.


The focus of new products has shifted: the priority is “convenience” and “functionality”. It is obvious what is the most necessary: ​​everyone has a lot of gadgets, and they constantly die. You have to stick them somewhere, constantly carry a lot of charges with you – it is much more convenient if one table charges everything. It was from this that the developers proceeded when designing a new model. 

The platform for wireless charging has not lost its relevance either: the latest models of smartphones, for example, the iPhone 8 and 10, Samsung Galaxy S8 or Note 8, already come with a built-in receiver, and there are special cases for the older ones. It is logical that a “smart” desk cannot do without wireless charging. The technology is developing more and more, many new gadgets support it, and such a promising direction cannot be ignored. 

The second must have an element of the smart table is speakers. Almost everyone has them on the table, but they always take up space and clutter it up with wires – therefore it was quite justified to install them, but hide them. Moreover, the designers made the speakers waterproof: you can spill liquid on them and nothing will happen. 

The table itself is minimalistic and simple on the outside. The most valuable thing is inside. There are 5 control boards in the table, which are assembled from scratch in production. There is also a very complex processing of the tree itself. The premium version is finished with natural veneer – any chip means a complete replacement of the tabletop and a rise in production costs. 

Strictly speaking, these tables are not “smart”. They are not programmable, they do nothing themselves. Initially, no one positioned the product this way and never wrote about it like that. The definition of “smart” stuck after the start – as a result, people say about the product: “Yes, this is a smart table.” 

The main function of the smart table is wireless charging, and the main requirement was ergonomics. It does not warm coffee, does not play music, just charges gadgets, and it’s just convenient for us. There could be, for example, a special socket for AirPods headphones, a USB connector for a camera and other gadgets: everything is on the table, there are no wires hanging anywhere, all that remains is to adjust the tilt and go. 

However, it’s not only about smart tables! The design ideas go beyond gadgets and make our life better in a number of ways.


DreamBox unfolds into a comfortable workstation. And upon completion, the creative station also easily converts back into a compact cabinet.

The amazing design of the DreamBox is the perfect solution for small DIY projects. The stylish compact wardrobe does not take up much space, but when you open the doors, it unfolds into a full-fledged workspace with a pull-out table. With DreamBox, you can forget about clutter – adjustable open shelves, hooks and rods create an ergonomic storage system where every craft accessory finds its place and is in plain sight, within easy reach.

Rotating TV panel with shelves

When you hang the TV, it may not fit snugly against the wall due to the bracket. The deviation is small, but the designers decided that even this space can be used wisely. And they found a simple but elegant solution: they turned the hinged panel into a cabinet door. In combination with a curbstone, the element forms a stylish and functional living room suite. The cabinet turned out to be narrow, nevertheless, and narrow shelves will always come in handy for placing some things.

Bench table

Usually, transforming furniture is created for enclosed spaces due to the limited area of ​​apartments. The garden area is more spacious, but still, why put two pieces of furniture when you can get by with one that replaces both, like a bench-table? It looks elegant, and it is comfortable to sit on it in the evening, leaning back. And if necessary, with one movement, the bench turns into a table and two benches, behind which six adults can comfortably sit. A convenient and practical solution that creates comfort without cluttering up the space.

An interesting fact: you can find very useful manuals for DIY bench-table projects. According to these manual, a home craftsman who knows how to work with tools will be able to make a transforming bench on their own.


The table is such an interesting piece of furniture – it is needed and at the same time gets in the way when not in use. A smart transformation system located on the wall allows you to remove it altogether. When folded, it is an elegant wall cabinet with a graceful grille. When you open it, the door turns into a table top, and the decorative element turns into a supporting part.

Pouf: 5 in 1

The same as about tables can be said about stools – they interfere in the house, but they become sharply needed when a crowd of guests rushes into the apartment. In such a situation, the original transforming pouf, easily disassembled into five mini-stools, will help out. After the guests leave, all the elements are also quickly assembled back into a single structure. When folded, the pouf is very compact – ideal for small apartments, and can also be used as a mini-table when adding a countertop.

Shelving table

Transforming tables no longer surprise anyone, but shelving is still an interesting phenomenon. The compact design with shelves transforms into a dining table with a wave of the hand, and also quickly returns to its original state. Moreover, you do not need to clear anything from the table. During the transformation, the shelves do not change their position relative to the horizontal and all objects remain in their places. This is very convenient if some favorite dishes are constantly on the table. The design is offered in two versions: a wall-mounted pendant model and a stand-alone model on casters that can be easily moved to the desired location.

Sofa with convertible armrest

Sometimes, to increase the comfort of the furniture, some kind of cool transformation is completely unnecessary. In this model of the sofa, only the armrest is changed, but this solution, ingenious in its simplicity, takes convenience to a new level. Normally, the wooden plank is recessed, but with light pressure, it extends and turns into a pivoting stand. 

Poof bench

Another interesting version of the transforming ottoman is the Scatola model. It is not disassembled into separate elements, but “stretched”, becoming longer and longer. The ottoman has a lightweight sliding structure, which is complemented by the seats stored in an inner drawer. Scatola stretches to different sizes: from two to eight seats and turns into a long bench.

Kitchen – a table in a drawer

Tables get in the way even in a relatively spacious living room, what can we say about small kitchens, in which it is difficult to turn so as not to catch on furniture. The Canadian kitchen company has developed an interesting option for such occasions. The designers hid the pull-out table in the drawer of the work cabinet. The unfolding mechanism is very simple, and when the table is not in use, it retracts, freeing up space in the kitchen.

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