Getting the Best Fit with Running Shoes

While running, there are lots of pressure and many other things that happen to the feet. This is usually stressful when the feet are not accustomed to the tiring routine or introduced without prior notice or introduction. This activity requires a lot of energy, which alone exposes the foot to dangerous objects.

If you want to be a successful athlete or perform your routine jogging without any fear of dashing the foot against a stone, you need the correct pairs of running shoes. When you visit Australian Asics Stores, you will come across several available options. If you have the chance to choose from a wide range of options, why do you hurt your feet?

Follow the tips below to enjoy a smooth and painless running experience.

Use an Updated Shoe Size

Do not mistake your shoe size of years ago, as you currently wear. Most times, it is more significant than what you wear before. The shoe size you wear as a teenager is no longer the same as what you wear now. Many people make this mistake and do not bother measuring their feet before entering Asics stores in Australia.

Meanwhile, several factors are responsible for why you do not use the same shoe size or shape any longer. For instance, when you wear tight shoes regularly, it changes the shape of your feet. Pregnant people also have swollen feet than before they got pregnant, and it is only normal that you carry out a regular feet measurement. Feet injuries can also change their shape, proving that wounds need to be avoided as much as possible.

When measuring the size of your feet, consider both the length and breadth. Change is constant in life, which applies to the feet as well. Discomfort is one thing you do not want to experience while using your running shoe, and you should be happy while having your sweet experience at the same time.

What is the Best Shoe Size for Me?

Usually, it is best to buy a shoe size that is slightly bigger than your feet. When you run, the shape of your feet adjusts or gets swollen. Wearing an already bigger shoe size will enable your feet to adjust to this change. When your feet contact the ground, the exerted pressure stretches the bone and muscle.

If you are unsure of the bigger shoe size to get, you can visit AU Asics Stores after finishing your run. Your feet are already swollen, and you can be sure you are not out of the box yet.

Tight running shoes do cause pain and damage to the toes. The toe will lose out of shape and causes sharp pain in the joint areas.

What to do to Get the Perfect Shoe Size

Carry out a test run if you are unsure of the perfect size for you. You can walk into a close-by health center to get this done, or maybe be lucky to get it with the brand you are patronizing. You can either get a wet test or gait analysis. There are different possible test results, and each has its suitable shoe type and size.

Once you carry out your test and discover your feet are over pronation or under pronation, get a suitable shoe by not going for neutral pronation. Feet that are neutral pronation can use almost every type of running shoes. The feet are balanced during movement and do not roll inward or outward extensively.

The importance of test running cannot be overemphasized, as it will save you from stress and time wastage. More so, it will save you from cost or expenses from trying to buy another shoe or slim-fitting the present one into a perfect size.

What Other Things Do I Note

If you cannot test run, you can take your favorite shoe to where you are making a purchase. The favorite pair often fits perfectly into your feet, and because you feel no discomfort, it becomes your best. A consultant will compare the favorite pair with the available designs and recommend the running shoe that matches your needs best.

You may also want to consider getting different shoes for various functions. For example, a practice shoe is other than a marathon shoe. Whatever role you choose to use it for, ensure it provides enough support and cushioning. You will need a light running shoe that is flexible and can serve at least two functions. This does not only saves cost but helps your feet to get accustomed to a particular design. Nevertheless, you can visit Asics stores in AU for various available options.

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