How to Use Valk’s Cry Efficiently in Black Desert Online?

Black Desert Online cannot seize from fascinating its players. There are endless lists of fantasy-filled activities in the black forest. One of the activities that BDO players are involved in is wars. Apart from enjoying the intrigues of wars, no Black Desert Online player wants to come out from the losing side of it. Another quick way to get Valk’s Cry is to find the best BDO grinding spots

Every BDO player wants to kill off mobs quickly and win conquests. Gear upgrade and character enhancement are needed to accomplish this. Black Desert Online players are searching out for every avenue to progress their gears. Some players have made attempts to enhance their characters in Black Desert Online but have experienced setbacks.

Valk’s Cry helps in the enhancement of characters in BDO. To use Valk’s Cry effectively, you need to understand how it works. We will discuss that and many other important things in this article.

Valk’s Cry — What Is It in BDO?

Valk’s Cry is used in enhancing characters in Black Desert Online. Character enhancement makes it possible for your character to build up high stats. These high stats help you to win off conquests. By obtaining a Valk’s Cry, you get the chance of building high stats and be equipped in conflicts. Valk’s Cry also helps you to increase your character enhancement by +10. This value is added on top of your current enhancement level.

How to Get Valk’s Cry in Black Desert Online?

Obtaining the Valk’s Cry is very easy in Black Desert Online. You can purchase it directly from the shop. If you find it hard to afford, you can resort to other ways of obtaining your Valk’s Cry in BDO. Some of these methods of getting your Vaulk’s Cry in Black Desert Online are mentioned below. 

  1. You can buy it from the loyalty shop in Black Desert Online. It will cost you 100 Loyalty to buy a Valk’s Cry in the loyalty shop. The maximum number of Valk’s Cry you can buy from the loyalty shop in a week is 5.
  2. Pearl shop outfit: You can extract Valk Cry from pearl outfits with armor vendors and blacksmiths.
  3. By obtaining Fairy Blessing: One fairy Blessing is equivalent to one Valk’s Cry.
  4. By obtaining Laila’s Petals: 10 Laila’s Petal is equal to 1 Valk’s Cry. You can get Laila Petals through fishing, gathering, and winning off monsters.


Just because you can purchase Valk’s Cry from the loyalty shops cannot be used with no conditions attached. There are prerequisites before using Valk’s Cry.

Before you can use the Valk’s Cry effectively, you must be level 30 and above.

The quests you must complete to have the chance of using the Valk’s Cry effectively are “[Awakening] Traces of Edana”.

How to Use the Valk’s Cry in Black Desert Online?

Now that you have your Valk’s Cry, it will be good to learn how to use them. Knowing when to use your Valk’s Cry may be the game-changing skill you have been looking for. The skillful use of character enhancement gets some BDO payers ahead of others. The best way of using Valk’s Cry is stated below.

  • Use your Valk’s Cry to build up Stacks: It is advisable to use Valk’s Cry when you fail to build up stacks. Many players have found it helpful to use Valk’s Cry to build their low stacks into tet and pen stacks. When you realize that you are finding it challenging to build up stacks in BDO, use your Valk’s Cry to build it up.
  • Use your Val’s Cry to progress into tet and pen: Many Black Desert Online players find it helpful to use Valks Cry at 50fs to progress to tet and again at 90fs to progress to pen. The enhancement provided by Valk’s Cry will provide the extra energy needed to progress into higher modes of tet and pen.


Character enhancement is significant in the game of Black Desert Online. Players skilled at character enhancement are better at fighting nod wars and winning off their conquests in the black desert. Valk’s Cry was introduced in the loyalty shop by Pearl Abyss to aid BDO players in enhancing their character. With Valk’s Cry, you can strengthen your character by +10. You can obtain your Valk’s Cry directly from the Loyalty Shop or through other means. Before using the Valk’s Cry effectively, you must be level 30 and above. You must have also completed the quest “[Awakening] Traces of Edana.” The most effective ways players have used Valk’s Cry is to build up stacks and progress into tet and pen in BDO.

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