How To Get a Temporary Phone Number?

A temporary phone number might be the best option for your situation, whether you’re seeking for a way to communicate in a way that is both private and anonymous or you simply want to make your interactions via phone and text simpler and more efficient.

Let’s go into everything you could ever want to know about the world of temporary virtual phone numbers, from how they operate and how much they cost to the reasons why you might want one (even if you haven’t even realized it yet), so let’s get started.

What are Temporary Phone Numbers?

Their functionality is identical to that of regular phone numbers. The one and only distinction is that, as you probably figured, they are typically only temporary. It’s possible for people to remember their phone numbers for a few months, a few weeks, or even a few days at a time. Burner numbers, disposable phone numbers, false numbers, secondary phone numbers, and virtual phone numbers are all names that are occasionally used to refer to these numbers.

Why Would You Need One?

There are many reasons why you might need one. Consider these situations:


Sometimes you just want to sneak beneath the radar and return to a time when individuals could truly interact privately. Ah, the days before Caller ID and the ability to Google a phone number to gain a wealth of details about its owner. It allows you to send anonymous texts, make anonymous phone calls, and assume any identity you like (at least behind your phone).


Operating a time-sensitive promotion? Volunteering for a month or two with an organization? Transient phone numbers are ideal for temporary situations in life. There is no need for a large number of strangers to retain your actual phone number (and maybe pester you in the future). Maintain a calm and transient atmosphere.


Sometimes you can’t get rid of your real phone number since it’s someone’s emergency contact number, your grandmother still calls it a few times a month, or your bank uses it periodically. However, you can utilize it to create a type of fresh start. Use your new temporary phone number to call the folks you actually want to speak with (sorry, Grandma), and let the *real* calls go to voicemail. Boom! You can still be reached, but only on your own terms.


Offering your flat for rent? Offering a sofa? Seeking a new home for your exotic pet? Even if you try to keep all transaction discussions to email, there will always be some who insist on a phone call to iron out the specifics, request a showing, or inquire whether you’ll exchange your PS4 for a stack of CDs. (Such as, who taught you to trade, buddy?) Everyone has been there. Therefore, acquire a temporary phone number to utilize the next time you sell stuff. You will never question whether to answer an anonymous call because you will immediately recognize that it is a call to that exact phone line for that specific purpose.


If you provide your clients your actual CP number, you will never know whether an unexpected caller is a client or a school emergency. Wouldn’t it be good to divide your personal and professional lives? Indeed, it’s simple. Instead of contacting your carrier and adding a new phone number to your carrier account ($$$), you can utilize a temporary number from Hushed at a minimal cost. You will recognize when your clients call and be able to respond effectively. You can also configure a distinct voicemail for this number, enabling callers to leave a message. (And your own voicemail greeting can be anything you want, such as “Hey, leave it at the beep.”)


Do you fantasize about selling handcrafted cupcakes, canine kerchiefs, custom jewelry, or, well, something less adorable? Go all out! Starting a side business can be a lot of fun, and it could one day become your ideal job. Many people initially use their actual phone number, but subsequently run into the issue described above (no separation between your business and your personal life). And what happens when your side business becomes a success? Your clients will be accustomed to dialing your own number. Use a temporary phone number from the outset to maintain a professional atmosphere. If you become uninterested in making small Christmas trees or painting cat portraits, you may easily get rid of your phone number and terminate your business.


Nowadays, it seems like everyone wants our email address and phone number, but if you know they won’t need to call you more than once, there’s no reason to give them your genuine phone number. Prevent your actual number from ending placed on a list of irritating telemarketers. Remember that you may have your genuine phone number for years (or perhaps decades), so you don’t want years or decades’ worth of spam clogging up your call log or text message list.


Why not give them a temporary phone number and convert them into genuine phones that can make and receive calls and texts? Most individuals like the idea of repurposing their outdated devices into “phones” for their children or elderly parents without the need for data.

Here Are Ways How To Get A Temporary Phone Number:

Google Voice

Google Voice is a free service that allows you to make and receive calls, send and receive text messages, and send and receive voicemail messages. It’s perfect if you want to keep your regular number private while giving out another one temporarily.

Create a Google Voice account by going to your settings and clicking on “Manage Your Google Account.” You will be asked to set up a phone number with which you can sign into Google Voice. Once you have done this, select “Voice” from the dropdown menu at the top of the page.

Free Online Phone

You can get a temporary phone number from Free Online Phone. You will get a number that is valid for 30 days and you can use your temporary number to receive SMS or make calls.


If you want to receive SMS online for free, Temp-SMS is a great service. You can send SMS to your own number as well as other numbers and you can use it with multiple numbers at once.

you can also use the service to send SMS to multiple numbers at once, which makes it very convenient to receive multiple messages from different accounts.


Telnum is an excellent source of temporary phone numbers. All you have to do is sign up for the service and you will be provided with a number that can be used for receiving SMS and phone calls. You can also send text messages from your computer using the Telnum website, which makes it easier than ever to test out SMS messaging strategies.


Temporary phone numbers protect your personal phone number when contact is required but you do not wish to reveal it.

We hope that you found this article helpful, and we wish you luck in your search for one.

Any questions? Please feel free to check our website and the various offers we have at Telnum.

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