The Truth About Instagram Bot Managers Guide

Wondering if an Instagram bot manager is worth the investment? Find out how they work, their potential advantages and pitfalls, and make an informed decision for your page.

Love it or Leave it: the Pros & Cons of Utilizing Instagram Bots for Account Management

Instagram bots are tools designed to help users handle their accounts, increase engagement, and grow followers. These smart automated assistants with human-like behavior are an excellent alternative to hiring a social media manager. Are you considering using a bot, but still hesitant if it’s worth it? To clear up your doubts, let us introduce you to a solution by Inflact. Keep reading to find more information about the tool and get some insights into how you can benefit from utilizing it.

What is an Instagram bot?

Instagram bot is a computer program designed to automatically perform prescribed tasks on the platform. Bots can do what a human user normally does on Instagram including following and unfollowing accounts, liking posts and comments, and viewing content. 

As Instagram’s algorithms are evolving to become more capable of tracing automation tools acting instead of humans, bots are getting increasingly sophisticated, too. 

The Inflact’s safe automation service performs actions to gain authentic followers by increasing your profile activity. It simulates human behavior and doesn’t do anything that breaches Instagram policies.

How Can I Use an Insta Bot Tool?

Let’s see what Instagram bots can be used for.

  • Follow and unfollow bot for Instagram

It can find relevant accounts by hashtags or keywords and automatically follow them. It can also audit your followers and unfollow non-reciprocal ones. 

  • Instagram autoliker

People are happy when their content and comments are liked. They will definitely appreciate your likes and will like your posts back, which will increase your engagement rates.

  • Instagram story viewer

Instagram shows users who viewed their stories. Instruct the bot to view your target audience’s content which will result in thousands of people visiting your profile.

Tips for Maximizing Instagram Bot Efficiency

  • Apply various criteria for precise targeting. These include hashtags, locations, usernames, as well as pro settings such as gender, number of followers, number of posts, and languages.
  • Adjust the bot for different time zones so your account interacts with the audience when they are awake. This will make the tool’s actions look more natural both for your followers and the platform.
  • Use the bot mindfully: adjust the settings so that it makes natural pauses in performing activities on your profile, and set a reasonable number of actions per day it will undertake. Make sure your automated account manager is not active at night.

Pros and Cons of Using Instagram Bots for Account Management

There’re always two sides of the same coin, and automated Instagram assistants are no exception. Let’s talk about their major benefits and disadvantages.


  • Bots save time

While they are performing routine work, you’re free to engage in creating quality content, enhancing your marketing strategy, and other business tasks. 

Just imagine: you don’t have to go through your followers’ posts in order to like them, your tireless Ig auto liker will do it for you. The same is true for following target accounts — bots are perfect for Instagram follow automation. 

  • Bots save money

Automated helpers are cheaper than hiring an employee and, in some cases, they even prove more efficient. Also, they cost less than ads. Importantly, robots are safe as they emulate real user behavior.

  • Bots increase engagement

They are good for enhancing your presence on Instagram. Viewing and liking your target audience’s content, increase your visibility.


The risk of violating Instagram’s terms of use

The platform has strict rules regarding the artificial inflation of followers, likes, and comments. That said, make sure you use an Instagram bot solely to share part of the day-to-day account management tasks with this smart automated ‘colleague’. In no circumstances should you use such tools for cheating.

Pros and Cons of Using the Automated Account Manager by Inflact


  • has advanced setting for precise targeting
  • grows organic followers, not bots or fake accounts
  • guarantees money back if the service doesn’t live up to your expectations
  • supplied with a free VPN app
  • provides 24/7 support


  • doesn’t have a free trial period — the cheapest option is a 7-day Pro Pack for $3
  • doesn’t comment on posts


Using Instagram bots is the new normal if you want to gain more exposure for your profile and make your account more popular. With these automated assistants, you can put a considerable amount of work off your shoulders. To avoid issues related to breaching the platform’s rules, opt for smart advanced solutions and use caution while employing them for your Ig account management.

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