3 Reasons to Install a Heat Recovery Ventilation System in a New Build Home

MVHR systems are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners and it’s easy to see why when you look at everything that they have going for them. And, if you are thinking of having a home built or buying a new build home, you need to learn about these systems. Installing these kinds of systems is much easier in a new home and we can’t see too many reasons for someone not wanting to have an MVHR system, especially if they’re budget conscious. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why installing a heat recovery system in a new build could be a great idea.

New Builds are Made for These Kinds of Systems

For an MVHR system to be installed on a property, it needs to have a certain level of brightness, and while older homes don’t always meet the requirements, all new builds are required by law to meet them. Homes also need to be configured in a way that makes installing ducts possible, which is not always the case for older homes and buildings.

Not only will installing a heat recovery system on your new build be easier, but it will also cost much cheaper than in an older property. So, you might be able to get lower estimates than the average homeowner.

You do have to pick the right components for your system, especially the ventilator as it will do most of the work and be the costliest part of it. If you’d like to see a few models and how much you can expect to pay, you should consider getting your heat recovery ventilator and other components from a supplier like BPC Ventilation.

You’ll Save Energy

The biggest benefit of the MVHR system is how much energy they allow you to save. They’re great whether you’re trying to save money on energy, cut your carbon footprint, or do both. It’s estimated that an MVHR system will save you around 30% per year on your energy bills, which is pretty significant. MVHR systems have also been shown to cut as much as 40% of carbon emissions in some cases.

Your Home Will Have a Greater Resale Value

If you want a fast way to increase the value of your property, there aren’t many better things that you can do than having an MVHR system installed. Most people will be thrilled to hear that they have a super-efficient system and that they’ll be able to save money on the energy for the whole time they’ll be living there.

Not only that, but a lot of people are beginning to expect their homes to have this kind of system installed, and the proportion of new homeowners that will ask for the features in the future will most likely increase. So, be ahead of the curve and have an MVHR system installed if you can and feel like it’s a good choice.

MVHR systems have lots of benefits and everyone who is buying a new build should consider installing one. If you still have questions about them, you should speak with a reputable contractor today. They’ll be more than happy to help.

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