7 Things to Keep in Mind When Buying an iPhone

Buying a new phone can involve a little bit of a planning process. If you are going to buy an iPhone, there are a number of things you need to consider before you finally buy your phone. While there are new updates and versions coming up, there are some people who look for used and older phones, and others go for new ones. But in any case, the main objective is to buy an iPhone that is worth the money.

So, let us see what are a few things you need to keep in mind before you are going to buy your next iPhone – old or new.

Things to Remember Before the Purchase

Check The Exteriors:

There are certain features that you need to make sure of when you are buying an iPhone. There are certain changes that have come with the new models – the home button has been removed, and there are more gesture-controls, more in number, etc. When you are buying your phone, make sure all the exteriors, which include the fingerprint sensor, cameras, the microphones, are all working. This assures you that you are getting your money’s worth on a new iPhone that you are buying.

Release Date Of The Phone:

Checking the release date of the phone is important to confirm the model that you are buying. It also helps you to know that the phone that is being sold to you is not an old model passed off as a new one. So check the manufacture and release date to know the right phone for you.

The Authenticity Of The Seller:

This is especially important for people who are willing to buy phones online or those who are going for second-hand phones. There are often stories of fraudulent sellers who try to pass the old phones as new ones, only to get more money. So check the registration of the store where you are making the purchase from. In case you are going for a used iPhone, try to be extra vigilant about this. For those who want to buy a new, unboxed phone, the best option is to choose a registered Apple store to make the purchase.

Make Sure The Phone Is New:

Unless you are going for a second-hand phone, this is one factor you should definitely confirm. Make sure that your phone is in good condition, the registered model number is in place, and you get the proper receipt from wherever you are making the purchase. Once you check your phone’s exteriors, you will know whether it has been tampered with, and you can actually hold your seller accountable.

Compare Your Prices:

While buying a new iPhone, prices are obviously a big question mark. Depending on whether you are purchasing your phone online or directly from a store, the prices can vary. The most important thing to do is to decide on the model and current market value of that phone before buying it. If you plan to buy the iPhone online, make sure that you compare the prices and available discounts. These discounts can actually help you get the best deal on your new phone.

Compatibility With Your Devices:

One problem many people face with new iPhones is the compatibility with other devices. In case your tablet or PC is not working with your new iPhone, you should think of alternatives. When you get your phone with you, check the settings are connectivity with your other devices. Apple support can be of great help in these cases, so try contacting them first. They can guide you through the process of changing the settings of your phone depending on your model number. Though it might not be too much of a problem, it is a safe option to look out for before purchasing the new phone.

Set Up The Security Features:

The first thing you need to do when you get your iPhone is set up all the security features. Set up the face identification, fingerprint, and pin of the phone. This is the first line of protection your new phone needs. Put in your location and connect that to another device that can track your phone. In case of theft or loss, these are the first things that can help you look for your phone.

When you are buying a new iPhone, it is definitely for the long run, and you are willing to make the best out of your purchase. This is why you should try and take care of all the factors before and after buying the phone. And hopefully, this article can guide you through the next purchase you are going to make!

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