Reasons for Getting PBN Links and Smart Tips on How to Do It

If you want to increase the organic traffic of your website, buy PBN links for it. This article will help you to make the most of this promotional method.

PBN links are a powerful link-building instrument. You place links to your resource on PBN sites, people click them and your site gets organic traffic. In this article, we will explain why you should buy PBN links and analyze the few disadvantages of this promotional method.

The Cons of PBN Links

This SEO optimization tool might have two shortcomings.

  1. Your site might lose ranking.
  2. The links might be ignored.

A Google human reviewer might decide that you tried to manipulate the engine’s search index. It might seem to them that the page fails to comply with Google’s webmaster quality guidelines. In this case, they might lower the ranking of your site or just of some of its pages.

The good news is that you can submit a reconsideration request if you believe that the Google reviewer made an unfair decision. The administration of the search engine might lift sanctions on your site. Yet you shouldn’t expect its rankings to return to their previous positions.

As for the ignored links, you can never be sure whether Google algorithms will take PBN links into account or not. The system might simply neglect these links. That would mean that you wasted your time and effort on creating them.

As you see, there are no categorical statements. There is a certain probability that PBN links might fail to deliver the expected result. But in most cases, they deliver — and that’s why industry experts keep relying on them.

The Pros of PBN Links

If you see an opportunity to share a backlink to your site, you shouldn’t miss it! Compared to other link-building methods, PBN links are slightly more predictable. When you start reclaiming links, for instance, you can never be sure how many of them will end up working. You might spend a lot of effort trying to get in touch with webmasters and creating new relevant content for them. With PBN links, you will have a higher chance to succeed from the onset.

Also, you’ll have better control over the text of your link. Today, few SEO professionals would choose straightforward anchors for their backlinks. Normally, the anchor would indicate the general topic of the page that it relates to. But the person should not be able to guess which site they will visit after they click the link.

How Can You Understand That This Is a PBN

It’s important to understand the difference because it might influence your promotional strategy. To identify whether you’re dealing with a PBN, pay attention to the following aspects.

  • Content. At a glance, you see that the site was last updated long ago. It is used only to share links to other sources. Plus, the site might contain a lot of duplicate content. A picture that was copied from another resource and then cropped also counts as duplicate content.
  • Design. The looks of such a site are rather conventional. It was built on a popular template and its owner hardly put any effort into customizing it. Its color scheme, layout and fonts might look outdated.
  • Hosting. If multiple sites stem from the same IP, most likely, they belong to a PBN.
  • Links. If several sites feature an identical backlink profile, this might be a PBN attribute.
  • Ownership. To get to know who is the owner of the site, check its WHOIS lookup tool. This is a quick and reliable way of discovering whether multiple resources belong to the same owner.

However, not all groups of Internet resources are PBNs. For instance, each department of a company might have a separate website and all these sites will be connected with the main site of the organization. This is not a PBN.

How to Make the Most of Your PBN Links

To make sure you achieve the desired results, select penalty-free domains. It makes sense to share your links only on secure and reliable sites. Otherwise, you would risk undermining both your business reputation and your ranking.

Create high-quality content. Write unique articles. Never copy and paste old content, even if you created it for your own site a long time ago. Google algorithms know how to assess the quality of the text. You should make them believe that this is an important and informative article.

In 2021, PBN links remain a powerful and popular tool of SEO optimization. Feel free to contact links-stream and use it to increase the visibility of your site and attract more people to it. But please compile a promotional strategy in advance and remember all the tips from this article.

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