7 Typical Parents Of Kindergarten Graduates

Closer to summer, parents are faced with a question of universal importance: how to spend time with their child in a way that is fun, interesting, and useful, both to the children and the parents. Children need constant care, and parents must not only give extra homework help, feeding and putting them to bed but also pay attention, develop them and walk with them.

Closer to summer, kindergarten parent chats usually quiet down. But only if it’s not a pre-kindergarten chat: they have graduation coming up. “Good afternoon, everyone. Who hasn’t chipped in for balloons and a photographer yet?” – Like, if you’ve already received such a message. Cher, if you sent it yourself and recognized in this text the rest of your fellow chats.

Parent Organizer

They begin to prepare for graduation almost from the fall, they always have a lot of ideas (which immediately turn into voicemails), and these people know all about the technical characteristics of balloons and can easily build Kizhi from a couple of dozen matches and three acorns. The rest of the parents may be tired of their activity, but everyone understands: without this vigorous energy graduation may not take place at all. And yes, these very people have already agreed that you, unlike the parents of graduates of neighboring kindergartens, will be allowed to celebrate the children in spite of the covid restrictions: the manager could not resist the references to the legal documents. With an incoming number, signatures from the entire chat room, and a copy to the director of the SBOU.

“Graduation is the most important day for our children, for the sake of it, they got up at seven in the morning for several years, ate unpalatable porridge, and learned difficult songs. Of course, parents just have to invest 1,000 percent and think this day through to the smallest detail. I think if a mom or dad really loves their kids, it won’t be hard for them to come to the daycare meeting after work – and discuss all the details of the holiday.”

Workaholic Parent

In fact, no one knows exactly what these people look like. They bring the kids before anyone else and take away the very last, who seem to be members of the chat, but for some reason did not write there at all (the peak of their activity – the sign “+”, which symbolizes agreement with something). Perhaps in order to get an answer to a question from them, or to ask them to contribute to the prom, the PTA will have to go to their homes. Or better yet, go straight to work if you’re lucky, there are seven minutes for you between the mishap and the PTA.

“Every time I’m surprised at how much free time others have – there’s not just enough time for family, but also for parent-teacher conferences and chat rooms. If people don’t work, that’s great, of course, but my schedule is so busy that I just don’t have time to keep track of everything. It’s so much easier for me to ask “how much is on me?” every time than to glue all kinds of crafts at home or defend my opinion in a discussion about the color of balloons.”

Extroverted Parent

“Happy Easter to everyone!”, “Dear Tatiana, Happy Name-day to you!”, “We’re giving away hamsters – look how cute they are!” – sound familiar? A parent chat room is not a chat room without at least one such participant. While discussing the holiday photographer, these good-natured fans of smiley faces, kitties, and gifs are sure to drop their kindergarten photo into the chat room (and detail the story associated with it), and for graduation, they will compose poems and be sure to read them aloud somewhere between the bee dance and the fun start.

“I’m a very outgoing person and I’ve never hidden that. When I send the kids to kindergarten and I don’t have urgent chores to do, I enjoy chatting with other parents. I, on the other hand, don’t understand people who are in chat rooms but don’t post anything or only post when they need something. Even more, I don’t understand people who try to shut me up and say that my posts distract them. What’s the big deal? Put the chat on silent mode and do not participate in the discussion if you do not like it.

The Dream Parent

These parents have no boundaries: they are ready to hold a prom in Australia, and in outer space. The main thing is that it has to be original and not “like the Soviets”. True, they seldom get beyond ideas. “An ordinary matinee is such a bore, let’s do a better quest! Or make a movie! A detective story! No, better a romcom – but what a memory!” More down-to-earth chat participants make reasonable comments (not enough time, resources, children). Pfft, in that case, ideological comrades have a pack of motivational stickers. With a touch of judgment, of course. “We all live in fetters, and each of us puts fetters on our neighbor.”

Parent Peacemaker

When a conflict breaks out in a chat room or meeting, these saintly people take the fire – and do their best to reconcile all those who have decided to quarrel. They are the ones who will remind parents that the most important thing is our children’s happiness, be sure to send a reconciliation sticker with a kitten in the middle of a discussion, and to the one who was offended, they will come in person. In general, we are a little jealous of them: these people do not seem to know how to get angry, and the prom is ready to celebrate even at home – if only everyone would live amicably.

“I think the conflicts in the chat room always make everyone feel bad. I remember once two mothers couldn’t decide which one of them would bake a cake for graduation. It seems like a noble thing, but soon the dispute turned into a personal insult in the spirit of “you’re stupid,” so I suggested just ordering a cake at the confectionery so that no one was hurt. Everyone liked the idea so that we no longer had a conflict and did not call me names.


Need to give money away? Please! Graduation albums? Here’s a picture of the child. Flowers for the kindergarteners? No problem, text the card number. These people are okay, they have no problem voting for any kind of ruckus and do not even require full financial reporting, but there is a nuance. The payback for such cooperativeness should be your complete ignorance – do not even try to involve them in any kind of activity. Buy, bring, makeup, sing or dance for the party – it’s not about them at all. And it may even be for the best.


Are you sure you have a genius idea for a holiday party? Then just talk about it in the chat room – and there will immediately find people who will criticize it just about completely. Timidly answer something of the series “you criticize – offer”? Again not: this rhetoric will be immediately declared Old Testament and (only in good faith) will be advised to read… Well, at least “Dialogues” by Plato (“Clever, by the way, was an uncle, you will like it”).

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