9 Phone Trends to Jump On in 2023

Smartphone technology seems to move at the speed of light. As 2023 kicks off, taking stock of all the wonderful new trends revolutionizing the mobile space is a great way to get the most out of that computer in your pocket.

Upcoming smartphone trends include a new selection of iPhone 14 cases, more wearable technology, and enhanced virtual reality, to name a few. These impending features are set to take your phone experience to the next level in many ways.

1. 5G Connectivity

While some mobile devices already boost 5G capability, it is quickly becoming a standard across all modern phones. 5G impacts everything you do on your device. That’s because of the internet functionality built into every aspect of the 5G-capable operating system. The latency rate of these connections is less than one millisecond, so the human eye perceives each screen motion as instantaneous. Take full advantage of your internet plan at home and get the most from public Wi-Fi networks when out and about. 5G hastens video buffering, website loading, and mobile app use. Phone users of all types will benefit from exponentially faster connection speeds.

2. Beautiful Case Designs

Customizing the look of your phone will continue to grow more enjoyable in 2023. This year introduces various new cases and screen protectors to get excited about. There are great options for Samsung phones and a huge assortment of iPhone 14 Pro Max cases. In addition to cool cases, check out advanced screen protectors, too. You can now buy covers that protect your eyes from blue light, which comes in handy during prolonged screen sessions.

3. Wearable Technology

Wearable accessories that interface directly with your smartphone can dramatically improve the everyday usability of your phone. The most common wearable is a smartwatch, which allows you to check your notifications and text messages without pulling your phone out. As wearables continue to explode, you can expect numerous app developers to make the latest versions of their software compatible across platforms.

4. Virtual and Augmented Reality

VR and AR offer a glimpse into the future of visual displays and holograms. Virtual reality often requires a separate wearable device, such as a headset that works with your phone. However, AR uses your phone’s camera to superimpose simple holographic images over the real world you inhabit. If you already have your phone out, your camera can generate all the images needed to play with AR in any environment. This makes augmented reality a more practical technology for most people.

5. Mobile Payments and Commerce

Although shopping from your phone is nothing new, how we handle mobile commerce is becoming easier daily. A collection of new payment processors and money-transferring solutions makes conducting transactions between individuals more streamlined than ever. The lower barrier to entry means everyone with a phone can get in on the mobile marketplace or start their small businesses. The mobile commerce revolution undoubtedly led to even more interesting apps and ways of creating digital wealth.

6. Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

Digital wealth, cryptocurrency and blockchain applications continue to pop up regularly. You can expect more ways to acquire, trade, and spend digital currencies directly from your phone in 2023. Blockchain technology is liable to disrupt many other industries as well. From medical information to real estate, blockchain appears to be the focus of the next evolution in computer and mobile app design. Some new smartphones will be designed specifically for making the most of blockchain technology.

7. Chat Bots

Automation is a huge buzzword amongst many of the world’s largest companies. Customer service is one sector that is gradually becoming automated across industries. This is achieved through sophisticated chatbots that answer customer phone calls and texts. These digital operators guide people to the correct info or the right phone number to get in contact with a live person. Get ready to speak to a new wave of automated systems the next time you seek customer support using your smartphone.

8. Smart-hub Functionality

Your phone can interact with more than just your wearable tech. There are numerous smart options to enhance your home, including thermostats, refrigerators, and security systems. All of these and more can be controlled directly from the smart-hub application on your phone. Not only is this convenient, but it reduces wear and tear on appliances around the house.

9. Cross-platform Apps

Few things are as annoying as learning about a cool app that you cannot download to your current device. The Samsung and Apple app stores are notorious for offering unique selections of apps. Even when the same app is offered in both stores, the separate versions rarely communicate. Moreover, mobile developers design software to work with both major operating systems. This means you can play games, work productively and try out all the apps that will emerge in the following months on any up-to-date operating system.

The Bottom Line

Smartphones continue to impress, thanks in part to the vast array of add-ons that augment the user experience. From GPS mounts to iPhone 14 Plus cases, there is always more to discover in the mobile space. The hardware side of things is also advancing, so updating your phone to the latest model is the ideal way to ensure you can make the most of the exciting developments of 2023.

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