Reasons Why You Should Consider Buying Popsocket

The smartphone accessory market has evolved enormously in the last couple of years. Now, adding a Popsocket to the phone has become a style statement. With the recognition of the stylish back cover, the demand for the Pop socket for mobiles has also grown quickly. Everyone wants to change their smartphone these days, and what is a better component to add than a pop socket? Did you get the newest stylish pop socket for your mobile if you didn’t get the pop socket yet? You can get Popsockets in a variety of types. Offline and online retailers offer multipurpose pop sockets for everyone, plain or printed.

What Is a PopSocket? Are They Reusable?

Popsocket is plastic circles that are stuck to flat phones or cases with an adhesive. Pulling or Popping the Popsocket twice extends it into an accordion-like shape. It helps you get a more secure grip by sliding your fingers between the phone and at the end of the Popsocket. Do not fret if you dislike having a bulge on the back of your phone at all times.

Popsockets can be easily removed, installed, or repositioned at any time. Popsockets are composed of two portions: the base i.e the adhesive disc, and the PopTop ie the design portion. When you’re done with its look, it’s easy to take off the PopTop portion, but removing the base can be a little more challenging. Make sure your Popsocket is flat before removing it from the case. Peel it slowly up from the case. Popsocket can also be removed using dental floss or a credit card inserted underneath, which will lift and separate the adhesive.

Popsocket: Reasons to Consider Buying It

PopSockets may seem like they have one purpose, but they have many functions. The first and important function of the Popsocket is that using your smartphone becomes much easier. Get the hang of using PopSockets using the following tips and tricks. You will save money by buying bulk Popsockets instead of buying a single one. Here we have listed the reasons why you should consider buying a Popsocket.

Gain a Better Grip

Most PopSockets serve as additional grips, so they are particularly useful when used with larger smartphones. If you usually drop your phone or find out difficult to carry your large phone, using a Popsocket can make it easy. The size of the Phone does not matter if you are using a Popsocket it makes it easy to hold it with one hand. By slipping two fingers on the grip, you will be able to hold your phone comfortably without worrying about dropping it. This way, you are always prepared because you can always access your phone.

Take Picture-Perfect Selfies

It also helps you take better selfies since it provides a much better grip on your device. How is this possible? With PopSocket, you can easily reach the shutter button with one hand, letting you hold your phone with one hand. Furthermore, it gives you more flexibility with your angle, and the sturdy grip means you don’t need to fumble to find an ideal shot.

Use It as a Stand to Prop Up Your Phone

Do you watch videos or play games on your smartphone or tablet? With PopSocket you’ve got a stable foundation. When two PopSockets are connected to your phone or tablet (especially the latter), you can use either one or both as a stand. One PopSocket can be used for landscape orientation by popping it out twice. PopSockets work best when they’re centered on your phone; otherwise, they just fall over. It’s best to use two PopSockets, one at the top and one at the bottom when connecting a larger device like your tablet. The tablet can be easily propped up on a table this way.


Getting your pop socket is essential if you lose your phone every day. Additionally, this handy tool has a number of advantages over butterfingers. Featuring Impact-resistant and highly durable polycarbonate, the pop holder provides maximum protection. It protects the phone from falling off and also provides various features.

Manage Your Wired Earbuds

There is still the possibility that you would prefer to use the existing headphone jack on your phone over Bluetooth headphones. Wired earphones come with tangled messes. Thanks to PopSockets, you won’t have to worry about that. Attach one PopSocket upward and one down to your phone. When not in use, you can wrap your wired earbuds around the PopSockets to prevent them from tangling. Although it may seem silly, it’s easier than trying to untangle the earphones every time you pull them out of your pocket.

Is Popsocket Worth It?

Though it might look silly when using Popsocket for the first time, they provide us with great ways to use them. You may feel that Popsocket is not that worthy for the first time, but once you use it, you may find it as one of the important accessories for your phone. Here we come to the end of our write-up on Reasons why you should consider buying a Popsocket. If you have any doubt, we will be happy to answer.

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