4 Surprising Facts About College Admission

Academic consultants around the world recommend that students apply to several colleges in the United States. The process of admission to bachelor’s programs at universities and colleges in the United States is quite complicated, it also differs from admission to European universities. In the case of the United States, it is necessary to choose the right educational institutions and understand the process of preparing documents and the enrollment process. Regardless of the university students choose they often require some assistance with academic writing. As a student, I preferred to contact professionals who could write my paper for me to improve my academic performance

Today, study abroad is represented by a very large selection of countries and educational institutions. In many countries, the structure of education is the same, and the admission process is no different. But the United States of America offers a slightly different approach. Everything is different here: the actual form of education, the structure of programs, and the procedure for admission to universities. Based on our experience, we decided to collect 4 main facts about admission to US universities that distinguish this country from other countries of the world.

The United States Does Not Have A Single National Admission System

As you probably already know, in the United States, you can apply to any number of universities. In the United States, there is no single system for enrolling foreign students in universities.

Many students who are more familiar with studying and enrolling in US universities are using the CommonApp enrollment system. But many American universities do not even require applying through this system. You can choose yourself: apply through an agency, directly to the university, or through CommonApp.

Such freedom of choice in admission to American universities makes it possible to apply to an unlimited number of universities. But on the other hand, we always recommend choosing about 5-8 universities. This number will not let you get confused.

Advance Submission Of Documents

If the university and the curriculum it offers are suitable for you, you can apply for the program in advance, even before the official acceptance of documents begins. Early enrollment allows you to plan your education. Certain restrictions need to be taken into account. By applying to an American university in advance, and accepting a place offered by the university, you will no longer be able to apply to other educational institutions in the United States for bachelor’s or master’s degree programs.

List of US universities where you can apply in advance:

  •  Auburn University, AL
  •  Florida International University, FL
  •  University of Central Florida, FL
  •  Louisiana State University, LA
  •  University of Kansas, KS
  •  University of South Carolina, SC

Your Success Can Not Always Guarantee Admission To The University

For many students, it is unclear not only the process of enrolling in the university but also the criteria for student selection. Each American university makes its requirements for foreign students.

Sometimes the requirements are not even based on excellent grades. In addition to the certificate with honors, you will need to provide an English language test – TOEFL and show that you will be useful to the university. Students need to prove that they will benefit the educational institution. This means that in addition to grades, you need to show your non-educational achievements: participation in the social life of the school where you studied, volunteer activities, and also tell about what you are interested in besides studying.

You Can Enroll In A University Without The Course Choice.

This feature of American universities is suitable for those students who find it difficult to choose a course. Universities in the United States enroll students in the first year of the general program. This program allows you to collect the necessary credits and decide on the course. At the same time, you do not lose a year of training at all.

Here Are The Top 5 Mistakes That Students Make When Applying To Us Universities
Avoid common mistakes in entering US universities for the application process to pass without difficulties, and the enrollment decision to be positive.

  1. Students Do Not Take Into Account All Aspects Of Studying In The United States

Students interested in studying in the United States do not always understand what opportunities they have. Often they focus on few educational institutions, or even on one.
A common mistake is that students choose the location of the educational institution, and not the university itself. As a result, the choice is focused on 3 states: California, Florida, or New York. In New York, for example, students are always looking for budget accommodation for students in the city center, in Manhattan. As we know, renting real estate in this city is the most expensive.
When choosing an educational institution, take into account and study everything: the cost of accommodation, work opportunities, weather conditions, and climate, academic programs, funding opportunities, etc.

  1. Students Do Not Ask Questions And Try To Figure It Out Themselves

Many American universities hire specially trained people who help students from different parts of the world understand the enrollment process and the study at a university in the United States. In addition, universities train agencies.
Students very often miss the opportunity to consult and ask the necessary questions. They think that they will be able to figure everything out on their own and often miss some important detail. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Attend exhibitions, seminars, meetings with representatives of universities, and consultations of agencies. This will help you learn all the details.

  1. Students Do Not Plan The Enrollment Process

Most students do not plan the enrollment process at an American university. Applicants often expect a clear admission plan from the university, while universities in the United States require them to independently monitor how the process itself is going. Each American university has its enrollment procedure, its deadlines, and individual requirements for students. Therefore, you will need to plan everything yourself.
The weakest side of applicants is punctuality. Usually, students prepare all the documents on the last night before the deadline in the hope that this time everything will work out. This practice does not give a positive result. It entails a lot of mistakes in the preparation of documents.

  1. Students Do Not Think About The Future

Do students rarely think about questions like how will my first day of college go? What will happen after I graduate from university? Can I find a job after graduating from college?

Our advice is to plan your future, plan your studies at the university, use every opportunity. Choose those US universities that provide the best program in the desired course. Make sure that your future career is in demand in the labor market. Explore possible employment options. Study the requirements of employers for young professionals. Look for internship options during your training. Remember, you are building your future.

Excessive Modesty Or Exaggeration Of Their Capabilities

Excessive modesty is manifested in the fact that students ignore their achievements. As you know, everything is important for American universities: academic success, participation in competitions, and even social activities. The university needs to know what you can bring to the life of the educational institution. You must convince the admissions committee that you can and will become an indispensable student.

Excessive self-confidence is manifested in the fact that students can not fairly evaluate their capabilities, and above all, they chase the names and ratings. Always evaluate your strengths and weaknesses objectively. This will make it possible to choose the right educational institution.

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