5 Ways to Produce Productive PDF Documents

PDF comes across as a rigid file format to most people. This is not entirely untrue, but there are several ways you can edit and create beautiful PDF documents that are interactive and resourceful than being bland and straightforward. A productive PDF document can be made for any task you want to perform with your copy and be highly knowledgeable and useful. And if you like to create this sort of documents for any purpose, professional or not. Hence, editing and creating a PDF document is possible and can be done in several fun ways. You don’t even have to purchase a hefty Adobe software to do these tasks and create useful files with the following tips:


Documents need to be easy to read, no matter what kind of file it is. Even if they are professional documents and need to be strict and boring, they should be simplified into pages, paragraphs, subheadings, and so on. While subheadings are to be made into the content, you can divide your documents by using the split  PDF Splitter Tools supplied by Sodapdf. Make sure that you specify the number of pages you want to create with the gadget.


The best feature provided by PDF software is converting it to and from several other file formats for numerous options of editing or using the file for use. You can convert your PDF files into several formats and use them in various ways to aid your needs. You can convert PDF to and from a Word document to edit or send it quickly to a recipient. Everyone knows that word files are easy to edit and so you can convert your PDFs into this format to read and edit them. Other than this, you can also make your PDFs into images converting them to jpg or png.

Add Media

These days documents and files come with integrated media to add functionality and productivity to them. These media options help structure better documents that make them thoroughly engageable and quick to comprehend. You can add a whole array of media options from any PDF creating software. Not just images, comments, or buttons, you can add several new and improved media options to your files including, widgets, gifs, forms, design, and a lot more.

Password Protect It

All documents are sensitive and require some form of protection to place them on devices safely. However, these devices aren’t safe at all and can be easily hacked by cybercriminals or menacing individuals in place. A significant advantage of PDF is that it can be protected by password after creating it. You can do this by using a PDF editor and access the file anytime you need and send it to anyone without them hacking at it.

Merge Different Files

Another great concept to use with Pdf editors is that they allow merging different files into one PDF file. This is an excellent tool and can let you create highly integrated files that help you interact with them in any way you want. Merging different files like an excel sheet or PowerPoint slide into your PDF can generate sleek presentations.

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