Technology Trends in Education in 2022

Education is one of the oldest fields of human activity. We always have a need to teach someone in order to proliferate our civilization. For this reason, ways to improve the efficiency of the activity are essential. In this article, we will discuss several technology trends in educational technology. You will have an opportunity to learn about issues that should define the field in the upcoming years and guide many of the activities within it. What are those? In this regard, one should note animation, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and cloud computing. If someone wants to become a leader in terms of education, an essential factor to consider is the investment in all of those fields.


  • Top 4 Foreseeable Educational Technology Trends in 2022


Let’s talk about some of the key educational trends that appear in the current conditions. They currently include the following elements:

  1. Animation. One can use animation to promote education-related trends in many ways. Firstly, it is possible to use animated clips to promote some forms of scientific knowledge. For example, you can teach much about Node.js by showing the basic principles of its work in the outlined format. Secondly, the development of modern tools also enables the creation of student-centric animation. Using even basic knowledge of, for instance, JavaScript, modern students can try to create basic examples of animation. The approach is perfect for teaching the basics of programming and creating a strong impetus for promoting long-term time investments into the video game field.
  2. Artificial Intelligence. Another crucial trend that you should always consider is the investment into all forms of AI. In this regard, the use of the tools is crucial because, to a great extent, they can help analyze a tremendous amount of student data. For example, it is possible to use AI to see what programming errors appear among the students who offer code in the Node.js framework. What is more, the approach is very potent since, to a great extent, it should provide a very strong delineation of the problems rather than the sporadic commentaries that characterize the past activities. AI, thus, features tremendous educational potential.
  3. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality (VR/AR). The ability to create novel worlds that a person can explore via the existing technological tools offers a path for many strong approaches to learning. VR/AR is especially potent concerning the disciplines that require some visual contact or spatial understanding. Imagine how strong AR/VR can be at teaching mathematics and geometry to young students. While explaining complex objects, one can, for instance, show a 3D representation of tesseract in the true three dimensions rather than via imitation images. As a result, the number of people who will love mathematics and, more importantly, understand the subject should rise in a rather significant manner.
  4. Cloud Computing. One of the key issues in the current conditions for education is the ability to work with large-scale files. Complex student projects in the sphere of programming (for instance, JavaScript) can be of very large size. As a result, to properly share them, one should have enough space. Cloud Computing should, thus, become a much stronger aspect of learning. Its ability to enable collaborative projects is also very strong. With cloud services, it is possible to work on one project for the entire class. Consequently, the technology in question should most definitely receive more use in the upcoming years.


  • Conclusion


All in all, as you may see, modern technologies in the field of education are going to have a very big impact on humanity in the future. Many novel ways to promote learning will come into being within the upcoming years. Consequently, a good idea is to focus on the promotion of something innovative in this regard. The aforementioned animation, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and cloud computing are perfect tools for promoting the goals of high-quality education. If you need any help with initiating some form of innovations in the field of programming/Node.js education, try the services of KeenEthics. Specialists there will help you promote some of the best available practices.

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