Top UI/UX Design Agency in 2021

User experience is the experience related to the user while using the system or while being online. A UI/UX design agency specializes in creating, designing, and then building the multipurpose applications to enhance the user experience. We can classify these design companies according to the target areas. The standard classifications of these companies are:

UX research agencies are for carrying out the research, customer reviews, evaluation, UX strategy formulation, and even the workshops.

UX design consultancies as the name shows are for researching and then implementing the experiences related to the users. These consultancies help in making a mark in the world of users.

UI/UX design agencies cater to the essentials related to the user interface. They create an interface after significant research and analysis. With the help of the researchers, they come up with an interactive process that can further enhance the user experience by offering a unique UI design.

Full-service design firms handle extensive works. Besides the accountants on the team to handle the financial matters, the other team members include designers, researchers, developers, and even analysts.

Importance of User Experience

For the last few decades, the user input and user experience have become an essential element in the further development of any system or operating system. This has further enhanced the significance of the UI and UX designers in the world of digital products and applications.

The user input helps in building the path to the success of the products. The user experience design agency helps make the products better and high performing.

The Best UI/UX Design Agencies

If you are looking for the best design agency, then below is the list of some great choices that can help you:

  1. Clay

Based in San Francisco, Clay is a popular full-service UI/UX agency that has clients like Slack, Facebook. Cojnbase, Coca-Cola, and Credit Karma on the list. Most of their work is for the Silicon Valley Unicorns and 100 enterprises. As they fall into the category of the full-service agency, therefore they can do anything for all kinds of gadgets and operating systems. They are also doing a superb job for brand identities and marketing.

Clay has also joined hands with the Bay Area. If you are just reaching out for the services of Clay in the initial stages, they would love to get it done in the way you like. Thus, no matter which stage you are getting their help, they are ready to serve you for all that you ask for.

  1. Instrument

The instrument is another full-service UX design agency. The services are clear from the products offered by their popular clients, namely Nike, Dropbox, Sonos, Airbnb, Levi’s, Intercom, and Spotify. The instrument operates from Portland as the primary hub, but also expanded its work to the Eastern Coast back in 2019. We know this agency for its outclass marketing techniques and the ad agency roots. It ensures the best consultancy, creativity, and engineering.

  1. IDEO

We know it for its services in the world of digital services. The history of success dates back to the early days of the 1990s. In this time, they have done a marvelous job in creating websites, enterprise software, mobile applications, and multi-platform digital experience. They have a unique UX design method. Unlike many recent agencies, they prefer using human strength, and this unique feature makes them stand out among the various others. Today their services are an essential ingredient of management consulting.

  1. Red Antler

If you are a beginner in the digital world, then you need to get help from one of the best digital experience agencies in the world. With its headquarters based in Brooklyn, New York, it is serving several big names like Brandless. Allbirds, Betterment, and Casper. This agency works specifically for the newbies and the early-stage companies who are struggling hard to emerge as a reliable name among similar agencies.

  1. Bakken & Bæck

Bakken and Baek is a European agency. It is a trusted UI design studio that started operating back in 2011. It is now a name is behind the various successful businesses like Vipps, Alva, Coinbase, and Kolonial. They can help you start from scratch and build a robust setup as they keep on supporting. They can render outclass services as a web designer, artificial intelligence experts, and similar. Besides helping others, they have their products too, like the Daylight app.


Here is the comprehensive detail of the five best UI/UX design agencies that can help you make the systems run impressively and adequately. With the new entrants on the list, the options are increasing day by day. Check that which of these can suit your needs and help you out for future progress.

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