8 Entertainment Business Ideas for Tech Gurus

Tech has made its way deep into the entertainment industry. And now is the perfect time for tech gurus to grab this opportunity with both hands.


Why not create an innovative entertainment experience in an industry with an increasing demand for novelty?


We have developed a list of 8 entertainment business ideas for tech gurus. Read on to get inspired!

Digital Production Studio

Content creation is booming. As a tech guru, you have the technical skills to offer innovative solutions to any problems content creators may have.


Do you have experience in animation, video production, or special effects? And a computer with robust processing power?


If so, why not establish a digital production studio specializing in your specific skills? Computer science has impacted games, movies, and television greatly. And content creators need your tech skills to achieve greatness themselves.


Help a diverse range of clients all over the world to edit their videos and present them with a polished and professional service in this fast-growing arena.

Virtual Reality (VR) Arcade

With VR, people are transported to exotic locations to have unique experiences from the comfort of one venue.


The beauty of a VR arcade is that it caters to all age groups. Suffice it to say, most tech gurus grew up gaming. Therefore, you’ll likely know exactly what people like. And what the best cutting-edge hardware and software is for setting up a VR arcade.


Use this passion and knowledge to do so. Consider streaming services, a potential VR café, data visualization, VR app development, 3D animation, VR equipment business, etc. Expensive from the get-go, but lucrative in the long run.

eSports Event Organization

eSports (or electronic sports) is essentially a tech play on classic sports events. Professional players, whether individually or in teams, engage in organized, multiplayer video game competitions. The winners of the competition earn a large amount of money from sponsors and advertisers.


These gaming competitions are often hosted in stadiums and are televised. And they draw massive audiences to watch. Therefore, why not capitalize on this growing trend by organizing eSports events?


You’ll need to keep in mind venue selection, sponsorships, and live screening, which are all essential components of eSports.

Augmented Reality (AR) Experiences

AR overlaps with VR quite significantly. However, the difference is AR is defined as an enhanced version of the real physical world.


AR has become incredibly popular for use in theme parks, museums, and other public events. For example, a simple theme park ride can be enhanced into an exciting film/game/series-themed experience. Involving digital visual elements, sound, and other sensory stimuli using technology.


In a museum, AR can act as an interactive way to increase visitors’ knowledge of the content available in the museum.


Earn revenue through ticket sales and partnerships, and keep licensing in mind with your AR business.

Streaming Platform Development

Amidst the diverse range of streaming platforms available, there is room for more. Especially if you focus on a niche genre or underserved community you notice is missing.


There are steps to building a robust streaming infrastructure. The steps include:

  • finding your niche,
  • developing a monetization strategy,
  • deciding on a team and tech stack,
  • understanding legalities,
  • keeping UX/UI in mind, and
  • ensuring your platform has a competitive edge.


The extremely popular Netflix is constantly upgrading to keep ahead of the competitive game. Personalized AI-powered content recommendation is a fantastic example of a competitive edge you can incorporate.

Interactive Entertainment Apps

An obvious one that most tech gurus (and non-tech gurus) have likely imagined in their future is that of building an app.


The best entertainment apps are those that engage users through gaming, quizzes, and challenges. Monetization comes in the form of subscriptions, paid apps, in-app purchases, app advertising, and affiliate marketing.


App creation requires a big initial investment of time and money. But once built, you can sell it over and over again without manufacturing costs, earning a fortune.

Social Media Influencer Management

Another booming industry is that of social media influencers. Why not use your tech knowledge to provide influencers with specialized services to manage their social media presence, brand partnerships, and content strategy?


Do your research, find gaps in the market, and create a service that brands need. Start a social media management business that cashes in on this demand. You’ll find social media influencers are desperate to outsource someone who can manage their online presence.


Earn revenue through commission-based fees or monthly retainers.

Blockchain-Based Ticketing System

Have you ever experienced arriving at an event only to be told your ticket is fake? Or logging on early to a ticket site only to find most tickets have been sold out in the first minute?


This is the result of reselling fraud, and scalpers using bots to block ticket sales. Blockchain ticketing gives each ticket its own identity to prevent fraud. And blocks bots from stealing sought-after tickets to an event.


Develop a blockchain ticketing system that ensures all buyers’ transparency, security, and fair pricing. Event organizers, customers, and partnerships will thank you.

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