10 Ways To Creating An Effective Presentation

Handling and delivering effective presentation techniques is quite daunting for most people- it’s normal to feel nervous initially. Public speaking anxiety affects between 15% and 30% of the general population. Hence, it’s only smart to understand the main presentation tips for a wonderful performance. Planning what to speak about is essential before learning how to deliver a remarkable result. After all, those presentation slides have to pass meaningful and relevant information.

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Samples facilitate research, whether for a class presentation or a professional PowerPoint presentation. Leveraging the skills and knowledge of others proves very helpful in research. Although, creating it is time-consuming and needs great concentration.

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Common Problems When Preparing the Presentation

While you may not experience all those problems, identifying the ones you face would help you solve them.

Here are the most common problems that people face:

  • Not knowing how to use nonverbal communication.
  • Speaking in public discomfort
  • Lack of confidence in one’s topic

Generally, more practice and experience mitigate the problems. Moreover, learning from others in the field helps you see where to improve.

Essential Tips For A Presentation

To create PowerPoint presentations that’ll “wow” the audience, there are practical tips that can help you. Still, there are different presentation styles, and the PowerPoint tricks below encompass every type.

The ten most important presentations guidelines include the following:

Proper Preparation

Like any other thing in life, preparation is the most crucial step. Before day X, try to rehearse as often as possible. You could rehearse in front of your friends for another perspective.

Aside from practicing PowerPoint presentations, preparing what needs to be on each slide is also part of preparing. Not stuffing the presentation slides with words helps the audience listen and read. When too many words are on a slide, the audience unconsciously chooses between reading and listening to you.

Furthermore, incorporate quotes and popular sayings in the text. Aside from keeping the audience interested in the slides, quotes support the message.

It’s impossible to encounter problems with PowerPoint presentations because you have prepared too many times. You might only have issues when you don’t prepare correctly.

Use Numbers Moderately

One of the ways to bore the audience is by bombarding them with numerical data. Not all numbers have to be included in the slides. For instance, don’t bother with the little numbers if there is a total figure at the end of a topic. It would be more effective to mention them.

Incorporate Pictures 

Almost all lists of presentation tips for students emphasize the use of pictures. Add vivid visuals to the thoughts rather than more words. Again, the trick is to avoid utilizing too many photos to make the slides appear amateurish. Only if they support or accentuate the slide’s core idea can photos be included.

Larger Fonts

Size controls the impact of the message, in addition to the fact that larger fonts are always easier to read. It’s simpler for the audience to understand what you’re saying or want to emphasize when the font is larger. Likewise, it’s crucial to take into account the distance between rows, columns, and paragraphs. The main goal is to prevent the text from looking disorganized.


Animation makes the slides more interesting and catchy for the audience as well. Incorporating relevant animation highlights a creative approach to disseminating information. Even so, it is essential to note that it shouldn’t be overdone. Too much animation distracts people from the message you’re passing.

Consider Contrast

Although it seems insignificant, colors greatly influence how the audience perceives the work. Look beyond the typical black text on white background. However, consider that a particular color looks different on different screens and monitors.

Flexible Slides

It’s possible to establish a strong connection with the audience using flexible slides. You might feel that some slides have become unnecessary during the speech. Make sure your file is organized, so you can quickly swap out or remove anything from it.

Limit Bullet Points

It’s best to limit the number of bullet points per slide to no more than 5 or 6. In a similar spirit, each bullet point should contain roughly 5–6 words. Additionally, it’s an excellent idea to vary what you show in each presentation, so switch between slides with bullets, visuals, and graphs.

Don’t Deviate

The main purpose is not to make it look cute. Consistently use the same font sizes, box sizes, and formatting across all the slides. This tip helps your slides look more professional.

Don’t Just Analyze

Everybody appreciates a well-written story, especially one that is relatable to them. Such a story always starts with a challenge. Once you’ve offered the audience a potential remedy, the presentation will be more impactful the more annoying the problem is.


The above-mentioned tips enhance the quality of PowerPoint presentations in every way. It’ll be a waste to pay for PowerPoint presentation tips after understanding these. To get the best results from the presentation tips, it’s crucial to know that the best result is one that is effective. The best way to ascertain the success of PowerPoint presentations is how much the audience learns.

To deliver a remarkable result, carrying the audience along and incorporating non-verbal gestures is key. For instance, walking around the room ensures the audience is invested in your words, compared to standing in a spot. The goal is not to impress your audience with finesse but to pass the message excellently.

Ultimately, the quality of PowerPoint presentations reflects how much preparation has gone into it.

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